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Freight and Terms of Delivery

Freight Charge at the Time of Order

To all orders to be shipped from Lillnord we add a standard freight charge of DKK 180 regardless of number of articles to be purchased. The charge is also added to orders for Scandinavia and Europe thoug not for Greenland, Faroe Islands and islands not conneted to mainland by a bridge. When the customer picks up the goods at the Lillnord facotry the amount charged will be EURO 50,-

Shipment of Goods

We ship with forwarder or by post. For all goods in the web-shop the expected time of delivery is stated. We can, however, not guarantee that orders will be delivered within the stated time. (In most cases the goods will be delivered within 5 to 7 working days.)

We make reservations for sold out goods and outstanding articles. Lillnord A/S cannot be made responsible for delays and potential costs due to delays, nor for defective articles or articles delivered by mistake. By post goods will be delivered on the following day. Goods shipped with tforwarder will be delivered to the first door at the ground level.

Receipt of Goods

ON RECEIPT OF THE GOODS IT IS IMPORTANT IMMEDIATELY TO CHECK THAT THE CONSIGNMENT IS INTACT AND HAS NOT SUFFERED ANY DAMAGE DURING TRANSPORT. A claim for damage during transport must be in our hands no later than 7 days after receipt of goods. Lillnord may subsequently not be held responsible for damage during transport.

A claim for damaged goods must be made directly to Lillnord. It is a pre-requirement that is has also been ascertained that the correct goods have been delivered.

If the consignment is visibly damaged, you have 2 options: either to refuse receipt or to make a proviso for damaged goods directly on the fregiht bill.

If the packing is not visibly damaged, but damage is recognized subsequently, you must make a claim for damage promptly and no later than 7 days from day of receipt. The claim is to be sent to containing information of invoice number and a short description of your wishes.

Lillnord Denmark, Odder

Lillnord Germany, Obertshausen/Frankfurt a.M.

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