PG100 (Climator unit)

The ideal Solution for the existing Prover
LILLNORDs climator unit, the PG100 series, comes as a plug-in unit, which with advantage can be built into any existing proving chamber. The unit ensures the correct climate and the correct air circulation with an automaic supply of steam and heat attuned to the values that have been set manually.

Optimun Bread Product Quality
The PG steam system produces the steam electronically. The insulated steam generator with adjustable steam capacity ensures a precise dosage of steam without any after-steam, thereby ensuring uniform proving and optimum bread product quality.

Coupling of several Units with a common Control
A single PG-100 unit may be coupled with more units with a common control to cater for provers of up to 100 m2 or more.

Plug-in Unit
A plug-in unit, which only requires supply of water and electricity to be operational, i.e. a unit with minimum installation time and no construction works.

Technical info Volt Capacity
Temperature area   Normal °C /+45°C
Humidity   Normal % / 95% RH

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Elektromagnetic Steam Production


Standard i TopLine, SemiLine, LuxLine, MiniLine, SemiMiniLine samt PG100. Option til alle øvrige anlægstyper

Elektromagnetisk dampsystem
Lillnords velkendte, isolerede dampsystem med elektromagnetisk dampproduktion. Ingen mekaniske eller elektroniske dele i dampbeholderen, hvilket gør den meget slidstærk og driftstabil. Nem at vedligeholde.

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